Jason has a background in technology venture capital and is experienced Commercialisation manager in technology, innovation, early stage and start up environments.

Leveraging his experience in venture capital, accounting, corporate finance and as a Certified Practicing Marketer Jason can manage the full cycle of product, innovation, technology or start up commercialisation, including:

  • R&D
  • Opportunity search, identification and analysis
  • Manage in-house or outsourced R&D programs
  • Market analysis and feasibility
  • Business model alternative analysis and business model development
  • Development of go to market strategies and action plans
  • Intellectual property protection including, provisional patents, patents, trademarks, web domains
  • Development of manufacturing/distribution/human resource, legal and financial strategies
  • Financial forecasting
  • Preparation of business plans and information memoranda
  • Capital raising, seed, Series A, Series B from angels, private investors, venture capital funds
  • Partner and strategic alliance development
  • Guidance and mentoring of key commercialisation executives and managers
  • Identification and development of asset exit strategies

Jason’s experience in technology commercialisation includes:

Company: Biovend

Sector: Biomedical Research and Health

Business: The development, manufacture and sale of touch screen and Internet enabled vending freezers to vend enzymes, reagents and other frozen research and health car supplies in a secure and billing managed environment.

Commercialisation activities: R&D management, general management, intellectual property protection, market analysis of opportunities in biomedical research, health and aerospace, business planning, preparation of information memorandum, venture capital funding (seed, Series A and rights issues), establishment of manufacture facilities, trial customer program, establishment of USA presence and development of USA based strategic alliances, none-executive director, interim CEO and exit.

Company: NewsMaker

Sector: Public Relations

Business: The development of a web based media release publishing and distribution system.

Commercialisation activities: Idea conceptualisation, design and specification development of web system, project managing the graphic design and programming team, arranging seed funding and government grant funding, provisional patent, launch and exit.

Company: Imagination Corp

Sector: Web

Business: A developer of customised web applications and web content managers.

Commercialisation activities: Idea conceptualisation, marketing and sales, managing graphic design and programming team for each customised project, securing government grant funding, general management. Highlight projects included the development a web based benchmarking system for Australian Pork Ltd, development of a web based CRM and work order system for a road safety products manufacturer, development of a remote/offline data collection tool that synched with a web based application when online and managing the content for Tourism Tasmania’s web based events calendar.

Company: Kinnacia

Sector: Health

Business: The development and commercialisation of a devices to accurately measure and predict bleeding and/or thrombotic risk - Stagnation Point Flow Adhesio-Aggremometry (SPAA) device technology can, in vitro, mimic the flow of blood platelets under shear, or pressure, as is found in a critical part of the human body such as the head, heart region or where shear is created by say a blocked artery.

Commercialisation activities: Assisting with articulation of the concept, market research, forecasting, business planning, identification of contract R&D managers.

Company: Briter Electronics
Sector: Lighting Electronics
Business: The development of an adjustable lighting ballast for florescent lighting. Commercialisation activities: Managing R&D project, market research (European opportunity), forecasting, business planning, non-executive director and wind-down.

Company: Private

Sector: Paint

Business: Developers of paint swatch and visualisation software.

Commercialisation activities: Assisting with partnership dissolution, customer legal issues and business planning advice.

Company: Private

Sector: Marine

Business: Developers of remote controlled submersible buoys

Commercialisation activities: Assisting with forecasting, business planning and capital raising activities.

Business Restructure Expert, Insolvency, Spinout M&A, Turnaround

Engagement Options:

1) Daily Rates

2) Quoted Fixed Fee

3) Short term contracted CEO or CFO

4) Success Fee

5) Equity & Peppercorn Fee