Restructure, Insolvency Workout and Turnaround

Short to Medium Term

Jason is available to perform short to medium term (1 month to 2 year) business restructure assignments.

Who Services Are provided To

Jason provides services to:

  • Directors of companies in financial distress, prior to the appointment of a formal administrator
  • Insolvency practitioners requiring in-situ management of companies in Administration or Receivership
  • Venture capital funds and equity investors needing to restructure an under-performing investment or investee company
  • Companies, government and universities needing to restructure an under-performing business unit

Services offered:

  • In-situ Contract CEO, CFO or General Manager
  • Analysis and review of the company's product, service, business models, human resources, distribution and financial management strategies
  • Financial forecasting or budgeting based on the development of alternative business models and business processes/practices.
  • Business planning and strategic planning
  • Business process improvement
  • Business plans
  • Information Memoranda preparation
  • Accounting and accounting catch-up
  • Balance sheet restructure
  • Asset divestments
  • Cash flow monitoring, management and reporting
  • Performance monitoring, management and reporting to the Board or owners
  • Company wind-downs
  • Partnership dissolution
  • Early trust vesting

Business Restructure Experience

Since 1998 Jason has undertaken nine restructure projects. Specific details can be provided to prospective clients on request. In general the projects were:

  1. NSW based 5,600 acre cotton farm in Liquidation
  2. Private investment group with interests in agricultural, forestry and property
  3. Ginseng Farm in Tasmania
  4. Diary farm on King Island
  5. Victorian based manufacturer of passenger and truck tyres
  6. Plantation forestry managed investment scheme (MIS) with assets in Victoria and South Australia
  7. Rubber recycler and developer of recycled rubber products based in the NSW central coast.
  8. Government owned research farms and agricultural enterprises in Tasmania
  9. University owned research farms and agricultural enterprises in Queensland

The projects have ranged included full time and part-time assignment and ranged in length from 3 months to 3 years.

Business Restructure Expert, Insolvency, Spinout M&A, Turnaround

Engagement Options:

1) Daily Rates

2) Quoted Fixed Fee

3) Short term contracted CEO or CFO

4) Success Fee

5) Equity & Peppercorn Fee